Perspective character

Name: Leo LyonsLeo_Lyon.png
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: White / American
Profession: Owner of the Rochester Manager. He also served as coach, manager, financier, doctor, scout, agent, etc. Put simply, he dedicated all his efforts to help the team.
Home Location: Ward 23, Rochester, Rochester City, Monroe, NY
Memberships/Factions: In general, his only faction is the Jeffersons. But, Lyons makes a point to affiliate himself with other groups in order to help the team. Primarily, he affiliates with The Informant, the Aristocrats, the lower-middle and middle classes, and the local students (such as students at RAMI).
Relationships: Married to Catherine A. Long
Disposition: He's always very optimistic, and doesn't easily get mentally dragged down.
High concept: He always has the goal to take anything to its absolute greatest potential. He sees potential talent and success in everything and everyone, and tries to bring it out and deploy it.
Special skills/abilities: He has great leadership qualities, and people gladly follow and support him. When he sets his mind to something, he will be able to organize it and see it through
Notable flaws/weaknesses: He's overly ambitious. In a sense, this is a positive because he's always hardworking and optimistic. Although, this ultimately leads to his downfall (at least the downfall of the Jeffersons in the NFL).
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): He's about 5'10'' with a strong, medium build. He has short, light brown hair and brown eyes. He always exhibits a confident, happy poise.
Motivations: His main motivations are personal and empathetic pride. All he wants is for people to have the same level of fervor that he has for his passions, and he wants everyone to share in a celebratory success.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
To lead the Jeffersons to victories in the current season.
To Establish the Rochester Jeffersons as a dominant competitor in the NFL.
To grow the reputation of the NFL, and establish it in the United States' culture. Furthermore, to grow the Rochester Jeffersons into a successful, reputable franchise.


Background (family, education, important life events)
In 1914, Leo Lyons married his wife Catherine A. Long, and currently lives with her, her mother-in-law, and their 2 children. He devoted his life to his biggest passion -- football. In 1908, he started playing for the Jeffersons. In 1910, he became the team's manager. In 1917, he brought the Jeffersons to Canton to scrimmage the Canton Bulldogs as a show of legitimacy of the sports entertainment value (although, the Jeffersons lost 41-0). In 1920, he represented Rochester at a meeting to co-found the American Professional Football Association.

As a child, he was always very detached. He had few friends, but by choice. He just never had time, because he was always focused on something. This could have been anything from a completely a school project to leisurely reading a fiction book. One this clear, he was a hard worker -- always determined, always attentive, and always giving everything he got. Once he joined the Jeffersons, this became his focus. It was a passion like no other, and this became his new focus in life. Over time, he grew into a very social person, but in general, this was due to his obsessive commitment to the team.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
In 1908, Leo Lyons started playing semi-professional football for the Rochester Jeffersons. By 1910, he became manager of the team in addition to being a player. He led the team to many successes, including the Rochester city championship. In 1916, the Jefferson were the New York State Champions. In 1920, Lyons represented Rochester in a meeting to start the American Professional Football Association (later named the NFL). Unfortunately, although the Jeffersons excelled in the local level, they couldn't hold up in a more professional league. They remained in the NFL from 1920-1925. Poor performance led to low spectator turnouts, so the team didn't make enough money to stay afloat, and Lyons personally lost money he had invested into the team. But despite this loss, Lyons career yielded personal success. He was a co-founder of the NFL as well as an Honorary Historian.

In reality, the Jeffersons are Lyon's sole faction -- they're his family. Although, he affiliates with many other factions with the intent to further the Jeffersons' goals. In general, he wants the Jeffersons to be the best that they can be and to grow as a franchise. So, he seeks publicity, money, and of course, talent.

Publicity is the main reason he tries to connect with the Newspaper Guild. He wants the story of the Jeffersons to be told. The point of this is to build the reputation, and encourage people to approach the team out of curiosity. First off, this helps with scouting, because it encourages more locals to try out for the team. Second, it potential opens a gateway to new connections for the team.

Now Lyons grew up a lower-middle class man, so he doesn't have the money to bring the Jeffersons to where he imagines. So, he actively seeks patrons to aid the teams ambitions. Of course, the aristocrats have all the money. So through publicity, he hopes to attract the patronage of some wealthy aristocrat. The problem is its hard to connect with the upper class. Luckily, the current momentum from starting the APFL brought much curiosity and attention to the team, so he hopes to take advantage and attract a patron.

Nonetheless, Lyons is a man of values. Hard work is the foundation of his success and his morals. This attitude explains his method of scouting. Yes, he does try to draw people to him by advertising the team, but more so, he brings himself to the people to find potential talent. His main target is the lower-middle and middle classes, but he more or less approaches everyone. Primarily, he scouts at local sandlot leagues for the best player. Although, his methods aren't always that simple. If he sees a strong, young, big, athletic man, he'll often try to work with him and teach him from the ground off. Many times, these little experiments end up failing, but most of the time, he's happy to impassion another towards football. Another large target is the local student bodies. Of course, this mainly means the students at the Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute, the University of Rochester, and other local colleges.