Fictional location

Name: Lee's Posh Apartments
Category: Apartment
Size: Large
Condition: Dilapidated
Inhabitants: Joseph King, Lucia King
Map Location: D1

Description (ca. 1921):
Cheap, poorly constructed housing isn't exactly uncommon in Rochester, but Lee's Posh Apartments may take the cake for the cheapest and most poorly constructed. "Posh" is the furthest thing from an accurate description. From the outside, it's not unlike any other dilapidated apartment complex. On the inside, however, it is little more than a pile of boxes crudely stacked on top of each other. Paper thin walls separating rooms and floors that seem to shift underfoot aren't even the most grievous of complaints. The heating system barely provides any heat to the rooms, if it is even working at all and pipe lines often break causing leaks through the ceilings and walls.

The poorest of the poor live in this complex, though many because they have no other choice besides living on the street. Though some are forced to live here simply because its the cheapest housing in the western part of the city. Conveniently located a few blocks south from Archibald's Prosthetics, workers can walk to the factory to earn their meager wage that barely pays the rent. While it may be marginally better than living on the street, residents may still end up dying on the street, amidst a landslide of stone and metal rubble.

Image Credit: macaulay.cuny.edu