Fictional character
Name: Kurt Staub

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: German-American

Profession: Rumrunner

Location: Lives along Lake Ontario, only comes into Rochester to sell his alcohol or for occasional recreation

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:

Kurt is known to be handy with fixing boats. He can also drive boats recklessly fast. He is a dominating outspoken man unafraid to smack someone if they deserve it. He is also quick to pull his M1911 pistol if need be, and has the skill to shoot it. He has a limp from his left leg that received a bullet, and a scar on his neck from a bullet. He weighs about 165 pounds, is 6 feet tall, and in shape.

Biography (ca. 1921):

Kurt was a trouble-maker in his younger years, stealing food, bullying boys out of their cigarettes, and rarely coming home. His father encouraged him to join the war when the US joined in 1917 to gain discipline. Kurt fought in the war and took some bullets while in France. He lived, but was left with a scar on his neck and a bad limp. Coming back, he worked in a factory until 1919 when he realized he could make more money smuggling alcohol across Lake Ontario. He saved up enough money to buy a motor boat, and spent a few months in Canada looking for a distiller that would loan him the alcohol to smuggle back. He finally found one, and started a lucrative career. He eventually bought a new boat named the “Pretty Sister”, and bought a modified airplane engine from a local tinkerer named David Tennant so that he could outrun any patrols. He relies on his ability to outmaneuver patrols and to move faster than them rather than guns. He paid farmers along Sodus Bay and Orchard Creek to signal to him when he could dock, and hid the alcohol on their farms until he could take the alcohol into Rochester. He mainly brings in whisky, throwing them in burlap sacks so that if he is caught he can toss them overboard. Each bottles worth about $40, he can fit about 10 bottles in each sack, and he can fit about 10 sacks on his boat. That means $4,000 per trip.

Largely Inspired By:

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