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Historical Item

Name: Kodak Amateur Printer

Category: Machine

Size/weight: 11.5'' x 7.5'' x 7.5'' , 5lbs

Rarity: Common, owned by post card producers and industrious photographers

Value: 17$

Uses: Used to print negatives upto 3''x5'' in size and mass produce post cards

Description (ca. 1921): It was made of wood, with bulbs inside and a reflective interior. A sheet of film to be printed on is placed on the glass surface on the top and covered with the hinged piece of wood. There is a mechanism to move the bulbs under the glass to adjust sizes of prints.

When the printer is plugged into a power outlet, the safelight (yellow) comes on. When the shaft on the switch is depressed, the safelight goes off and the white light comes on, which is used to print the photograph.

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