Historical Location

external image 11-04-13-Kirstein-Building_BEFORE.jpg?itok=9yp6N2d5
Name: Kirstein Building

Category: store (historical)

Size: medium

Condition: excellent

Inhabitants: none

Map Location: F1

Description (ca. 1921):
The Kirstein Building was occupied by the Shur-On Optical Company, which was founded by Eduard Kirstein in 1864. It was built in 1909 at 242 Andrews Street to be the company's headquarters. The company quickly became popular as a producer of stylish eyeglasses in addition to frames, mountings, and cases. They took pride in their involvement in research and development in optics. The building on Andrews Street went through a number of additions and expansions over its first decades in existence and evolved into a six-story triangular building of yellow brick.