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Name: Josh Jake Bausch
Age: 91
Gender: male
Race/Ethnicity: White
Profession: Rubber/Glass Workman/Eyeglass Maker/Optician Firm Head
Home Location:Rochester, NY
Memberships/Factions: Aristocrat and Philanthropist
Relationships: Wife, and 4 children
Disposition: Caring and Curious
High concept:
Special skills/abilities: very inventive, good with machinery and technical planning
Notable flaws/weaknesses: old and somewhat frail, family, prone to sickness because of age
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): upper class, well kept but inviting. Slightly uncomfortable in large social groups.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
manage company
Improve company status
Leave good amount for children


Background (family, education, important life events)
Was prevented from pursuing his work as a carpenter, due to a injury. As a result, he went on to sell eye glasses and open an optical shop from his home in 1853. 2 years later, Henrylomb invested in the company.It took eight long years before the company turned a profit, but when Bausch found a piece of vulcanized rubber and began to mold and craft it into different shapes to make lighter and more affordable frames that also happened to be more durable than their metal and bone counter parts. By 1885 They were the biggest industry in Rochester, due to Lomb's leadership and Bausch's innovation (which made equipment for testing eyes to see how bad they were, and the first soft contact lenses).

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
Born July 1830 in Germany. Bausch was an immigrant from Germany who started a company that sold optical items for general use, such as eyeglasses, thermometers, and magnifying glasses. This company evolved into what became, with the help of Henry Lomb, also from Germany.Bausch and Lomb, a leading optician firm that continued to expand its types of optical devices it offered, including microscopes, telescopes, and binoculars. The company continued under the direction of Bausch until his death in February of 1926 (Bausch is currently leading the company at the age of 91). While Bausch was focuased on manufacturing and the inventing of new products, while lomb managed the sales. Before he started hiss own company,he worked in an optical shop in Switzerland as a lens grinder for cameras. He orrginally went to buffalo, but moved to Rochester and started his company there. It went through numerous name changes, such as Company Started as Optical Institute of Rochester (1855), then became Bausch and Lomb, Opticians in 1864, In 1866 the name was changed to Vulcanite Optical Instrument Company, and again in 1876 to Bausch and Lomb Optical Company.The company was incorporated in 1908, which was also the year Lomb died. The company Made glasses from vulcanized rubber, which was more durable and cheaper than the bone and gold they were using before.The War created demand for the cheaper glasses, so in the early 1870’s, they built the first American machine to make glasses. The War made trade with Europe hard (who was the source for the bone and gold), so even the American government had a contract with them, and were actually the biggest customer because the War created demand for telescopes, range finders, and gun sights, all of which Bausch and Lomb made, but they also made things like microscopes that were used for recreational purposes