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Fictional character

Name: Joseph Boyd

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: White

Profession: RAMI Professor (Steam-crafting)

Location: RAMI

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics: Supportive/understanding teacher, good at steam-crafting, charismatic, somewhat dorky, family man, honest

Biography (ca. 1921):
Joseph Boyd was born in Rochester, New York on January 1st, 1886. He came from a wealthy, progressive family and lived comfortably for most of his childhood. His mother was fascinated with steam technology and would often tinker with some of the appliances on her off time. From her, Joseph was introduced to steam when she bought him the book The Aspiring Mechanic's Guide to Steam Technology for his twelfth birthday. Since then, he became enamored with the technology and wanted to be an artisan.

Joseph Boyd spent several years of his adult life doing freelance work before getting married and taking a break to focus on his new family. During this period, he had two sons, Nicholas and Patrick Boyd. Through tutoring his own children, who struggled with school, he discovered his love for teaching. After getting his degree, Joseph eventually became a professor at RAMI, teaching steam-crafting courses. The slower pace of his work allows him to spend more time with his family compared to freelancing, and the school's resources enabled him to complete various side projects with like-minded mechanics, such as the compressed steam canister.

Professor Boyd is well loved by most of his students, as he makes himself readily available to them both inside and outside class. His supportive demeanor and passion make him an admirable teacher for his students, and his progressive ideals prevent any unfair bias towards his students. Many students consider him a mentor and will bounce ideas off of him or ask him for personal advice. Nathan Garner was one of his closest mentees, whom he saw great promise in.