Perspective character

Name: Jordan Metzger
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Italian-American
Profession: Bootlegger
Home Location: Outskirts of Rochester
Memberships/Factions: Bootleggers/Anti-prohibitionists
Relationships: The majority of his family still lives in Italy. His uncle Leo played a major role in introducing him to the world of smuggling alcohol.
Disposition: Mostly good-natured, but very secretive.
High concept: Life is to be enjoyed, and you can't enjoy it fully unless you are doing something exciting.
Special skills/abilities: Excellent problem-solver. Superb at reading the emotions of others.
Notable flaws/weaknesses: Very difficult for him to trust anyone. Also, he cannot swim.
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): Dark, wavy, medium length hair with dark eyes and a slightly tanned complexion. Well-built: at nearly six feet tall and 155 pounds, he moves athletically yet cautiously.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Take on an exciting and prosperous job, regardless of legal matters.
Acquire money and fame and live to enjoy all of it.
To escape the lower-class chains of the family he grew up with in Italy.


Background (family, education, important life events)
When he was just 10 years old, Jordan's father told him he would someday take over the family shop in the tiny Italian village they lived in. Jordan replied that he wanted to go to school and learn to make things, but the old man told him that that was a foolish idea and to forget about it.

12 year old Jordan Metzger proved that he had a knack for getting in trouble. He picked his first pocket a day after his twelfth birthday, taking an intricate gold watch that he still carries with him. His father and oldest brother, Emile, disapproved if the boy's behavior.

At age 15, Jordan began the nearby high school in the next town over, where he showed excellent aptitude at building small machines and solving practical problems. However, he struggled with the classes his father wanted him to take, which were intended to supplement his career as a business man.

After he graduated school, Metzger's father forced him to begin minding the store, wanting him to learn from Emile. However, Jordan preferred to play pranks on his brother rather than learn the tedious life of a shop keeper, which often upset both his brother and father.

Finally, at age 18, Jordan could no longer be the dull store owner he saw his father as. He ran away from home after a major argument with most of his family. Only his brother Cedric attempted to defuse the situation, and the fight came to a climax when Jordan's father disowned him and banned the boy from the family home. Metzger boarded a ship headed for America and never looked back.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
Alone in a strange land, Jordan turned to his Uncle Leo, who had moved to Rochester at a young age as well. Leo saw that the boy had a talent for thinking around problems, so he took his nephew under his wing. Unfortunately, that also included introducing him to the world of illegal alcohol smuggling. With Jordan's skill for creative thinking and knack for getting into trouble, he was a perfect fit in one of the local rum-running crews. He often helped his bosses come up with clever ways to avoid the Coast Guard on Lake Ontario. Quickly rising up through the ranks, by the time Metzger turned 23, he had already become an infamously successful bootlegger. However, he never trusted anyone with the secret of his origin, not even his crew, his closest friends in Rochester. The only thing most people knew about Jordan Metzger was that he lived an exciting and prosperous life, and he planned to keep it that way.