Perspective character
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Name: John Rari Williams
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: White
Profession: Physician
Home Location: Rochester
Memberships/Factions: None
Relationships: Wife and 2 sons
Disposition: Caring, Friendly
High concept: Become a doctor and cure people
Special skills/abilities: Smart, handy, creative
Notable flaws/weaknesses: He is caring to a fault, he stresses himself out because he believes he isn't helping others enough
Memberships/Factions/Affiliations: Affiliations with the Falcone Family
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): Dark short hair, glasses, grows out a mustache sometimes, skinny, well dressed, walks with a cane, right handed, has a smooth, deep voice with a light Canadian accent
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Make someone's day everyday
Make others happy, impact their lives positively
Hopes to improve the field of medicine


Background (family, education, important life events):
John was the oldest of nine children in a middle class Canadian family. His family moved to Rochester when his was 10 years old. He was very close with his siblings because his parents were always extremely busy trying to provide for the family, so he and his sibling had to be very self sufficient because they didn't want to add any burdens to their parents. John enjoys school because he loves learning new things and applying that knowledge in order to help others. As a child in this steampunk society, he was encouraged to be inventive and creative, and experimented with all sorts of machinery. At 12 years old, he created a machine that uses steam power to heat up drinks such as tea and coffee. When showing off his invention to a friend, the steam engine blew up and the steam burned he and his friend. Although both of them got hurt, he could only focus on the pain that he caused his friend. He never wanted to feel the guilt and stress of causing his friend pain ever again, so he resolved to help other in every way that he can. This event was a turning point in his life because it made him realize that he wanted to become a doctor so that he could help others and heal their wounds. John stayed by his friends bedside throughout his entire recovering and helped him through the entire process. The gratitude and happiness that his friend expressed afterward made John feel much better, and he knew that he wanted to help others for the rest of his life. Despite this drive to become a doctor and his love for learning, he dropped out of high school in order to help provide for his family. His mother had diabetes and eventually developed blindness because her increased blood pressure which led to damage of her retinas. This made her unable to take care of the family and John became the caretaker for his younger brothers and sisters. A few years later, his mother passed away due to kidney disease which was a result of her diabetes. Watching his mother struggle with diabetes and eventually pass away gave John even more drive to want to become a doctor. He wanted to find a cure or treatment for diabetes so that others wouldn't have to suffer like his mom did. When he was no longer needed in the household, he saved up his money for college and was eventually accepted into University of Michigan. He graduated at the top of his class in 1903 with a medical degree. In 1904 John became a physician and opened his own office. By 1916, he was appointed chief of medicine at Highland Hospital and established a division specifically dedicated to treating diabetes. This led to him becoming the very first American physician to administer an insulin shot. This treatment of diabetes was a huge source of pride for John because he finally found a treatment for the disease that killed his mother.
John was also very philanthropic, he played a major role in Rochester civic life by working to build of the Oak Hill Country Club and the fledgling Rochester Municipal Museum. He was also responsible for the planting of tens of thousands of oak and other trees on the land of the Oak Hill Country Club. Another way that John tried to help the community was through his extensive study into milk supplies and worked to improve refrigeration standards in Rochester.
Current Biography (ca. 1921):
He is an upper/middle class physician with a wife and 2 sons. He has a scar on his right shoulder, and has a habit of rubbing his scar when he is stressed out, which is very often. He is extremely gracious and caring, so much so that it someones has negative effects on himself. Others see him as someone who is always willing to help others and has a charismatic personality. His two core traits are happy and and warm hearted. He constantly tries to help others and make them happy. John had been noticing how distraught his close friends became after the start of national prohibition last year. He couldn't stand seeing his friends like this and wanted to help them out. Due to the fact that alcohol was believed to have medicinal value and therapeutic qualities, John was able to prescribe alcohol despite the prohibition laws. As a physician, John was able to take advantage of this policy and prescribed liquor and other alcohol to many of his friends and patients he was close with. This work out very well, and he able to make a bit extra money while also pleasing his friends. However, the Mafia has recently discovered his actions and have become very interested in him. The Falcone Family has been trying to bootleg alcohol from Canada, and they noticed that John was from Canada and has many connections still in Canada. The Falcone Family has approached John multiple times now, each contact is increasingly more violent. Two days ago they threatened to hurt his wife and sons, so he decided to give into their demands. He will now provide connections for the Falcone Family so that they can bootleg alcohol from Canada, yet he doesn’t want to be involved in these dealings. He made a deal with the Mafia, and they agreed to leave him alone as long as he was able to provide them with the connection they needed.