external image 3773972.b9426da4.640.jpg?r2Fictional character

Name: Jennifer Liesel Tiptree

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race/Ethnicity: White

Profession: Student

Location: Tenerly School for the Mechanically Gifted

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics: Shy, warm, kind, charitable, insecure, over-trusting, naive, stuttering, mechanically skilled and intelligent.

Biography (ca. 1921):

Jennifer Tiptree was born to an English father, Alexander Tiptree, and a German mother, Liesel Kepler. Born in Germany, she moved to America when she was three, and to Rochester when she was fourteen. Her interest in mechanics is relatively new, surfacing when she was seventeen and visited the Tenerly Museum of Automatonics, where she fell in love with the craft of steam powered technology. Her mother, being a factory worker during the pre-War German Steam Boom of the late 1880s, convinced Jennifer's father to let her pursue this new interest, and, through a few acquaintances and fortunate connections, she managed to enroll in the Tenerly School for the Mechanically Gifted later that year. Going into the new school year, she is Emily Ballard's roommate.


In early 1921, Tiptree became involved with the Windischmann project, a small computational endeavor which quickly skyrocketed to massive innovation. Her work with her colleagues set the foundation for modern computer science going into the forties and fifties, though she did not achieve immediate personal recognition. She is most recognizable for her work in the sixties. Her clearly outlined plan to refurbish long-outdated Wardenclyffe communication technologies pioneered by Tesla at the turn of the century led directly to the invention of the internet in the seventies and its popularization in the eighties and nineties. Unfortunately she didn't live to see this advancement - Jenna Tiptree died on August 7th, 1969 from complications following a serious head injury.