Fictional character

Name: James Ballard
external image 800px-Elihu_Root%2C_bw_photo_portrait%2C_1902.jpg
Age: 47

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: White

Profession: Philanthropist/Investor

Location: New Ballard Manor

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics: Fantastically wealthy, somewhat uptight, progressive in all the socially acceptable ways

Biography (ca. 1921):

James Dmitri Ballard was born in 1874 in New York City to a Russian immigrant mother and a wealthy Englishman, himself the son of English immigrants. He grew up in New York City but moved to Warsaw, NY after his father renovated one of James's grandfather's properties, a large, run-down manor he purchased with the intention of selling but never got around to before his death. James inherited the Ballard Manor from his father, who fell ill shortly after the renovation, and raised a family there after marrying Patricia Tarkovsky, a Warsaw native and third-generation Russian immigrant. The wedding took place in 1896, and the couple's first child, James Ballard Jr., was born in 1898. In 1902 they had another child, Emily Ballard. In 1908, James took up an interest in Rochester, and, wishing to become a powerful magnate and philanthropist in the cutting-edge city, he purchased a plot of land and built the New Ballard Manor. In 1912 he moved his family there, starting a new life in Rochester and building up his reputation.

James loved both his children - James Jr. was a star athlete at his school, and eventually went off to study law at Harvard. Growing up, Emily was always interested in technology, and, being a strong believer in the modern age, James encouraged her in her studies and interests. When Emily was seventeen, he caught her kissing another girl in her bedroom, someone who he had assumed to simply be her friend. Though he was progressive, he was also deeply religious, and believed Emily's behavior to be blasphemy. He didn't outright reject her, but became cold, refusing to treat her with as much affection as he had when she was growing up. When her 'deviant' behavior didn't stop, he offered her a hefty loan to fund her education if she promised to leave the house and never come back.


James Ballard died on September 28th, 1931 when his haphazard attempt to "improve" one of the manor's servant drones led to a spout of boiling oil hitting him in the face. His funeral was massively attended and his legacy promptly forgotten, aside from his daughter's contributions.