Fictional character

Name: Jack Ashton

Age: 61

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: White

Profession: Landlord of Tawny Hills Apartments

Location: Tawny Hills Apartments

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:
Jack Ashton is a short and frail man who's body has seen better days. His skin is a very pale apricot, dark grey hair, blue eyes, a clean shaven face, and a hint of some European accent, but no one is quite able to place what it is. He makes up for his weak physique and short stature with his huge heart and his ability to make friends. Jack is very accepting of all walks of life, but is vehemently again violence of any sort. Jack has a black and brown striped cane with him at all times as he has trouble walking, and has to sit down often too. He smokes a brown pipe often and has a knack for telling stories. This leads to confusion about his actual history, because he never answers questions directly about his life, only in anecdotes. The only thing people know to be 100% true is that he is a widower and had no children.

Biography (ca. 1921):
Jack Ashton runs the Tawny Hills Apartment in Rochester. He is known to be a kind landlord, who offers fair prices and keeps in close contact with as many of his tenants as he can. He is most often found in the lobby of Tawny Hills, and does move much throughout the day due to his failing strength. He is quick to chat with anyone who enters the building and will lend him an ear. Because of his fast friendships, many tenants will help in out with getting him groceries or watering Lily the shrub. He's sure to pay them back, but never brings up payment if he asks for favors. Nearly three years ago, late one night, Jack happened to hear the loud noises of an animal outside his apartment complex. Being alone at that hour, he stumbled outside to find a stray kitten, abandoned on the street. From then on, Jack adopted the kitten (named Mouse due to his tendency to not eat mice) and has kept the cat ever since. Residents say the cat has taken up his personality, but with more mobility, as the cat freely wanders the building and is overly friendly to tenants.