FI.A.G. Headquarters.jpgictional location

Name: I.A.G. Headquarters

Category: Guild Headquarters

Size: Large Apartment

Condition: Well-maintained

Inhabitants: Members of the Independent Artisans Guild

Map Location: F1

Description (ca. 1921): The headquarters of the Independent Artisans Guild serves as a meeting place for Rochester's steam artisans, craftspeople, mechanics, and merchants. Members of the Guild meet here to discuss happenings in Rochester related to their businesses, political on-goings that might affect them, and to vote on actions taken by the Guild as a whole. While meetings are held monthly, members can often be seen coming and going at other times, as the headquarters also serves as creative space for inventors and craftspeople to share ideas, develop projects in collaboration, and seek assistance from those of different specializations. The inside of the headquarters is kept quite comfortable, and it often serves as a sort of second home for many members. Entry is strictly prohibited to members of the Independent Artisans Guild; non-members are not allowed inside, except on very rare occasions when someone like a reporter or a politician is needed to progress a Guild project. This secrecy leads to speculation of shady proceedings by the more conspiratorial minds of Rochester; rumors of anarchist revolution and steam-powered doomsday devices, while completely unfounded, are quite popular in some circles.