Portrait of Horus
Portrait of Horus

Fictional Item

Name: Horus
Category: Automaton
Size/weight: 6'3" / 230lbs
Rarity: Rare
Value: Expensive
Uses: Butlery duties

Description (ca. 1921)

Horus is the Regiblaster family butler. He performs the houses many butlery duties including: sweeping the floors, cleaning the loos, fluffing the pillows, raising the children, and so on. He is one of many similar models that only the very wealthy can afford. He is programmed with more quips than previously thought automatonly possible.

He is designed to look like the stereotypical aristocratic butler. His metallic body glistens in the sun with a deep golden hue. Each model of Horus has different accessories, but the Regiblaster’s model has a magnificent mustache. He also wears a finely crafted tuxedo that emphasizes his gold body.

Throughout his childhood, Archibald grew quite fond of Horus and asked him about his functionality quite often. As Archibald grew older, he spent hours inspecting the guts of Horus to find out exactly why each gear rotated the way it does. Nowadays, Horus has become Archibald’s number one subject in experimentation. Whenever Archibald gets the inspiration for a new upgrade or prosthetic, he is sure to prototype it on Horus first.

Image Credit: Hot Digital Artworks by Joe Roberts