Fictional locationTennant Home.jpg

Name: Home of the Tennant Family

Category: [store/factory/school etc.] House

Size: 1,000 sq. ft

Condition: Good, several years old

Inhabitants: David Tennant, Elizabeth Price, Matthew Tennant (Age 12), Rory Tennant (Age 10)

Map Location:

Description (ca. 1921): A moderate home owned by the Tennant family since 1909. Purchased by David Tennant with the help of some of his connections, the house is presently well decorated and has a very warm feeling. On the main floor, the entrance room has walls painted a moderate green. In the main room are 2 rocking chairs and 2 proper sitting chairs with hefty arm rests. Going further into the house is a kitchen, relatively small, but includes an oven with a stove. At the end of the house, 2 bedrooms, a toliet room, and bathroom. The smaller bedroom on the right side of the house belongs to the Tennant boys while the larger bedroom on the left is David and Elizabeth's bedroom with a queen size bed. The Tennants keep a low key minimal tech home, ironic considering David's profession.