Fictional character
Name: Harry Dowling
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Irish-American
Profession: Distiller, Warehouse owner, high-ranking member of Bulldog Boys
Location: around D3, or at Dowling Warehouse
Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:
Skills/ Abilities: distilling, general business-accounting

Characteristics: He is a quiet, soft-spoken man who is all about business. He is conscientious about the many issues that can go wrong in distilling (explosions, impure/toxic product) and never drinks. He is modest, and very cautious about his activities and affiliation to the Bulldog Boys.

Biography (ca. 1921):
Harry Dowling was another of the members who was recruited right off the bat. Without him, their gin would not be consumable. Harry is brought industrial alcohol by Wayne O'Rorke. It is stored in one of the warehouses that Harry Dowling owns (named Dowling Warehouse), where the distillation also takes place. To hide his involvement, he forges accounts weekly that show that a fake man is renting the warehouse from him. He takes the industrial alcohol, and distills it multiple times to leave as much pure ethanol as possible, although small amounts of methanol are still present. He then adds glycerin to mask the taste. The distillation process requires some expertise, and he generally does the whole process himself. Wayne O'Rorke also brings him grain alcohol from farmers, and although this is more favorable than distilling industrial alcohol, it is not as plentiful.

Harry then has the lower-ranking members pick up the alcohol, since in its pure form more can be transported easier. The rest of the process is not complicated, and he has taught them how to do it in containers, or tubs.

30% of the repurposed industrial alcohol

15% of the farmer alcohol

Mix in flavorings like juniper berries or fruits and let sit for a day

add 60% water, mix, bottle, and sell

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