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Historical Item

Name: Harper Method Tonique

Category: Tool

Size/weight: .35 kg; 6 inches tall

Rarity: Common

Value: $.10 for a 10 day trial

Uses: Used to make the hair healthy and fabulous.

Description (ca. 1921):
The secret formula for that Martha Matilda Harper derived her hair tonic solution came from a physician she had been working for. When the physician died, he gave her the secret formula which stimulated hair growth which she worked with and developed to make the Harper Method Tonique. The Tonique is an organic, chemical free product that she made and tested on herself and the results were amazing and women wanted this product. The way the product works is that the solution dissolves accumulation of dust, dirt, and so on within the follicles, feeds them, and then the blood supply is stimulated which helps the hair to grow and glow.