Historical Character

Name: Harold "R" Butch Clark

Age: 25

Gender: M

Race/Ethnicity: White

Profession: Marine/Sports Player

Location: Rochester

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics: Extremely athletic and participated in many sports

Biography (ca. 1921): Harold Clark was a sports enthusiast from Rochester. He is considered one of the oldest football player. He attended Rochester's Cathedral High School and during his time there, he played baseball, basketball, and football. During World War 1, he joined the Marines. While returning he was recruited by the Rochester Jeffersons, a football team that was part of the APFA and part of the NFL during the very beginning stages. Although a great player, Clark would lose game after game with the Jeffersons until they were finally disbanded. He continued playing football for a local team and went on to play basketball for the Bausch and Lomb sponsored team. He was born on June 11th, 1896 which made him 25 during 1921. He was 5'10 and 195 pounds and sports were a big part of his life.