Perspective character

Name: "Humble" Gumble Beddict
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Steam Maintenance Worker
Home Location: Rochester
Memberships/Factions: Labor
Relationships: N/A
Disposition: Happy, Energetic
High concept: Bright mechanic looking to be something greater.
Special skills/abilities: N/A
Notable flaws/weaknesses: Afraid to seek change.
Basic appearance description (daily, avg):
Short, wiry, perpetually covered in grease. Hard to determine true hair color, as it is always dirty, but it's most likely something dark. Eyes are hazel.

Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Staying away from trouble, staying on top of work
Find engineers willing to train him, or at least let him observe them
Become an engineer/inventor. Create something drastically new.


Background (family, education, important life events)

Gumble doesn't remember much of the time before his parents died. He escaped through a small crack during the steamboat accident that killed them, then managed to hitch ride on steam train north. He was able to find work in Rochester in machine maintenance due to his small size after being found on the streets by David Sebert, owner of Steam Repairs and Restorations. Gumble found friends in the other small children who worked on machines, but as they grew most became too large to work in small spaces, while Gumble did not. He had many at a younger age, not popular as much as well liked due to his positive demeanor. Now that he is older, he doesn't have too many friends in the same profession. Gumble hasn’t had any long lasting romantic relationships, either. He had a few short trysts (and first kiss) with girls in his little group of orphans. He no longer has much opportunity, as those in his profession are looked down upon, mainly due to their low class and constant uncleanliness.

Gumble was a natural student, excelling in most of his early education. However, after his parents died, he didn't have much opportunity for formal learning. However, he discovered a talent for understanding of how machines work and put that to use as a mechanic.

Gumble would like to find engineers willing to train him, or at least let him observe them, so he can learn more about the process of creation, not just fixing. Eventually become an engineer/inventor. Not for fame, but to improve technology in a meaningful way.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
Spends his days working at Steam Repairs and Restorations as a repair technician performing on-site repair calls at various factories around the area.