Fictional character

Name: Gregory Sauer

Age: 66

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian

Profession: Priest

Location: Rochester, NY

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:
Articulated, Educated, Well-traveled, Charismatic, Intuitive, Callous, Irritable, Narcissistic

Biography (ca. 1921):

A well-known Catholic priest in the inner city's sixth district, one could say Sauer wears a pious veil as he preaches during the day at The Church of St. Luke, and drinks bottles of wine at The Tabernacle at night. He is better known throughout the city's contemporary aristocracy and criminal underworld as a middle man for alcohol trafficking and "house cleaning". A frequenter of many of the city's affluent speakeasys, and a regular participant of Sunday mass Sauer's dueling life styles are carefully managed by the man himself. As Sauer puts it, he would rather no alcohol or blood stain his robes. Mass-goers comment that his attitude, sermons, and appearance make them feel at ease with kind, aging, and understanding old man. Whereas fellow patrons call to attention his narcissistic manner of speaking about himself and his successes, his lack of patience for those he works with, as well as his calculating cold glance when discussing matters of business.

He serves many functions in society in both of his roles, but most notably and infamously around certain circles he is known for the organization of some of the city's most successful alcohol smuggling rings, and the disposal of the criminal underworld's corpses. The former role came naturally, with his position as a priest covering suspicion and ensuring his access to a variety of liquors protected under Prohibition in conjunction with his history. Raised in Belgium he was gifted the unique opportunity to be fluent in four distinct languages, French, Dutch, German, and English. On top of this, he has traveled the world over as a young man, partaking in various missions across South America, and Asia. This multicultural experience makes him somewhat of an expert with the foreigner fueled black market on the canal fronts, especially the French-speaking operations from the neighbor to the north. His latter position was not as expected, and was more so the product of harassment and threats from his new group of friends following Prohibition. Though with little time, he proved to be able to handle this job just as efficiently, as his inhibitions diminished alongside his emotion and care for the sanctity of the deceased.

Though, despite his many atrocious acts, he does occasionally find time to attempt redemption, with a catch of course. Sauer can often be heard jokingly calling these affairs his pro-bono duties when discussing them over a drink. The most recent of which belongs to Brandon Westland, where he provided a spacious plot and tombstone in Riverside Cemetery for a parted person in exchange for Westland's agreement to research technologies aimed towards the further obfuscation of Sauer's local alcohol smuggling operations. Though, Sauer's true intention was to utilize Westland's affiliation with Robert LeFever,as the priest is all-too-familiar with the retired professor's resume.