Gregory Regiblaster: pre coma
Gregory Regiblaster: pre coma

Fictional character

Name: Gregory Regiblaster
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Wealthy Person
Location: Regiblaster Estate
Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:
Very comatose

Biography (ca. 1921)

Gregory is Archibald’s younger brother. When they were children, they were absolutely inseparable. To Gregory, Archibald was an idol. As they grew older, Gregory shared Archibald’s passion for mechanics. He and his brother would spend countless hours bouncing ideas off each other and tinkering with machines together.

However, when he was 23 Gregory was involved in a lethal car accident. He, along with his brother, was on his way to his father’s factory when he was struck by a pie truck that had lost control. The truck rammed into the side of Gregory’s car that he was sitting in and launched the car skidding into a nearby building. Gregory was put in critical condition while his brother was able to survive the crash with only major bruising and a broken arm. They were rushed to the Park Avenue hospital where Archibald made a full recovery, but Gregory was put into a coma.

He was in the hospital for over a year before the Regiblaster’s moved him back to their estate to be cared for by the topmost professionals. He has been in a coma since the crash, but has not died yet. Archibald refuses to take him off of life support in the hopes that he will come to one day.

Image Credit: Windforge: Duke Wyndwalker by Tara Phillips