GrandmasterSlasher.jpgFictional character

Name: Unknown; Called the "Grandmaster Slasher"

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Race/Ethnicity: Unknown

Profession: Unknown; Serial Killer

Location: Unknown

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics: Unknown

Biography (ca. 1921):

Not much is known about the serial killer dubbed the “Grandmaster Slasher” by the Democrat and Chronicle. Over the course of the previous two years, four people have been killed in a similar fashion. Each had their throats slit by a straight razor and were found with different chess pieces and messages. The first victim was identified as Carrie Strong, a worker at Regiblaster Clothing Works, and was found at the entrance of the Cloud District holding a white pawn with the words “Too Poor” carved into her stomach. The second was IAG Member Katherine Baker, rumored to have connections to Rochester bootleggers, and was found holding a black rook in an alley behind the Dowling Warehouse with the words “Too Greedy” carved into her body. The third was Greg Matthews, a police officer known for taking bribes from the Falcone Family, who was found with a black knight piece in a private room at Paradice with the message of “Too Corrupt”. The fourth known victim was Father Theodore Germain, a well-liked priest, who was found with a white bishop outside the Park Avenue Hospital with “Too Cowardly” sliced in his body. While Officer Matthews was found in the Wild South where police are commonly targeted by criminals of the borough, his death fits the pattern of the Grandmaster Slasher and has been attributed to him. The City of Rochester waits with baited breath as the police struggle to find anything that can lead them to the identity of the Grandmaster Slasher.