Fictional Item

Name: God's EarsGE.jpg

Category: Medical aid

Size/weight: Lightweight, wraps around back of head to cover ears

Rarity: Underground device

Value: Varies depending on hearing loss

Uses: Heightens hearing

Description (ca. 1921):
Due to many people losing a good portion of their hearing from working around loud machines each day, as well as those who lost a portion of their hearing due to accidents. The University of Rochester, had developed a device that could help these people regain their lost hearing which would wrap around the users head, covering where the user's ears are/were. It greatly aided in the hearing of these people, actually giving them better hearing than most people without the need for it.

Later it was adapted to help in covert endeavors, but was quickly phased out as they actually did more damage to the wearers ears, due to the effects loud crashing sounds, could have on the ears.

It has resurfaced outside of medical use in recent years due to Arthur Bell's pressuring of various groups of engineers to make a version that could be used without damaging his ears. It has been recently getting spread throughout the criminal underground and police alike to aid them in trying to keep a leg up on one another.