Perspective character
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Name: George Reedwarbler McHugo
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Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Engineer, Co-Owner of McHugo Engineering , Freelancer
Home Location: McHugo Engineering, Rochester
Relationships: Husband of Elizabeth Boxforde McHugo
Happy - Fulfilled, Excited - Energetic, Calm (most of the time)
High concept:
Inventor/Engineer who freelances in addition to owning his own shop
Special skills/abilities:
Engineering +3
Academics - Physics + 2
Perception +2
Agility +1
Strength +1
Endurance +1
Notable flaws/weaknesses:
He is notably bad at lying (Deception -1)
His time in The Great War made him slightly out of the social loop (Connections -1)
Member of the I.A.G (active) and affiliated with the General Labor Union (indifferent)
Basic appearance description (daily, avg):
A skinny, medium build man, who would come off as eccentric to most people when they first met him. He normally wears a medium price range suit but recently he has been his work clothes more often since they are specialized to where he works on a given day. He uses his McHugo cycle to travel most places and often carries a bag of tools. He often is equipped with an object of his own making called The Gauntlet which serves his purposes admirably.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Work on the RTPS and on the Marie Curie Steam Reactor as well as in his own shop.
Make a new invention and have a happy family
Have a good life and create something great


Raised in a middle class merchant family George Reedwarbler McHugo was able to attend school where he gained his knowledge about Physics. He then went off to fight in the Great War where he ended up in a group of Rochester soldiers who were given a Tenmen. George and another soldier heavily modified the automaton and named it Puddin' Pie which after a decisive battle in which the automaton was a key part it won the Metal of Honor. This achievement got the attention of the creator of the Tenmen, William Tenerly. They became close associates and since then William has backed him in his various projects and inventions. Miraculously George made it through the war without any major injury. Shortly after the war George met his wife and opened a shop in Rochester where he sold his invention the McHugo Cycle and he lives in the floor above the shop with his wife. In addition to owning the shop George also freelances around Rochester working in various places wherever his skills are needed.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
Currently George has finished work on the Marie Curie Steam Reactor and will soon activate it for the first time marking a important date in the history of the struggle to find a alternate source for steam power other than burning coal...

What Happened After 1921:
Following the failed project to solve the mystery behind what ailed him, George Reedwarbler McHugo dedicated his life to the continuation of researching the dangers of radiation exposure to the human body. Unfortunately for the rest of his attempts at discovering the dangers of radiation exposure he was always hampered by lack of funding. This mostly being a result of political and professional squabbles between the various sources of funding that he is able to secure. Frustrated but determined he continued his life’s work with the meager funds he is able to secure from old acquaintances such as William Tenerly. Overall George regrets the failure of his first research into radiation damage since he believes that it was the reason that he has not been able to find a reliable source of funding since. Georges life became a back and forth between frustrating meetings with potential investors and getting letters from most saying that they have chosen a different more successful project to back. Despite these disappointments George had a relatively normal rest of his life despite his chronic ailment he is convinced that he received from working on the reactor without proper protection. Since early onset of the illness, George began to take precautions and used Puddin Pie to perform maintenance on the reactor which had become his main source of employment. Despite his best efforts George’s life after 1921 became relatively normal and unexciting, but when he thought about it not much had really changed from before.