Perspective character
Name: George MacAuley
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Irish-American
Profession: Pub owner (Middle-Knuckle Pub) and criminal
Home Location: Ulysses S Grant Apartments which is in D3
Memberships/Factions: Criminal (3-Devoted), General Labor Union (1-indifferent). He is part of the Labor Union due to friends, associates, and customers.

Elliot Boon (PC) (4-Friend) George likes his gruff attitude, and thinks he could be a prosperous partner. He's considering taking Elliot under his wing, but is still feeling him out for what he is willing to do. George is trying to find ways for both him and Elliot to make some quick money.

Jacob Edward Lewandowski (PC) (1-Despise) George heard he is a home-wrecker, so he stopped talking to him. Sometimes George considers the possibility of getting alcohol from him, but then George thinks about Jacob trying to take his wife, and George knows Jacob wants his wife because that's why he is so quiet, he's a schemer.

David Tennant (PC) (3-Acquiant) George sees him around. He does not usually like educated men, but David is alright. Maybe his contraptions could serve some purpose, but George would have to ask David because George does not know shit about tinkering.

Malcolm Falcone (PC) (3- Acquaint) George sees a possible alliance. There has been a bit of tension just because they are of rival gangs, but the Falcones are much bigger and might be able to offer the Bulldog Boys mass quantities of illegal substances. That could mean some quick money for George.

Mickey Enright (NPC) (5-Closest) Mickey is the man who keeps things running, such as the flow of gin. He helped George open the pub, and has kept George making money. Mickey takes a cut of the pub, but he is also willing to help George as a friend and a business partner.

Doris MacAuley (NPC) (5-Closest) His wife in Boston. They have been together since 16, and he loves her more than anything. Without her he never would have been anything more than a brute.

Disposition: He is primarily a satisfied man (80%), but becomes irritated about little things like when he loses his cigarettes or realizes he has blown his money on gambling (20%). He oscillates from being a smart criminal, and a risk taker.
High concept: "Reformed" Brute
Special skills/abilities: Intuition (+3), Bluffing (+2), Brawling (+2), Charm (+1), Firearms (+1), Intimidation (+1).

Notable flaws/weaknesses: Speed (-1). He has a deep love for his wife as well as a reliance upon her, and her absence means his ruffian side is left unchecked (booze, gambling, and fights).
Memberships/Factions/Affiliations: He is part of the Labor Union due to friends, associates, and customers. He is part of the Criminals because that is where his livelihood comes from, and that is where he feels he fits.
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): He is 5'11, and a little chubby at 200 pounds, he prefers the term "fat-strong". Most of his fat is concentrated in his beer belly. He dresses in middle class clothing as he has to keep up his appearance for business-sake, has scarred knuckles, and a gravel voice. His nose has a slight bend to it, that is not extremely pronounced. His face is always red, whether it is from alcohol or his blood flowing. He is left-handed and proud of it. He shaves daily, and keeps his hair presentable.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
meet with Malcolm
save up $20,000 (modern equivalent of $265,000)
move to Boston


Background (family, education, important life events)

He grew up the son of a father who owned a pub. His father was a hard-working Irishman who drank frequently but never became belligerent or abusive. His mother helped run the bar, and she worked just as hard as his father. He dropped out of school to help run the pub, but did have a liking for ancient history. He met his wife Doris because she was a neighbor, and they have been together since 16, and married before he went to war. His parents were killed in 1919 during an unresolved robbery of their pub.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):

At war, he met Mickey Enright and upon coming home they only became closer friends. Mickey began rounding up boys, and George was one of the first. George was always there with Mickey when they were enforcing the dominance of the Bulldog Boys in the area, or shaking down a speakeasy so that they got their alcohol from the Bulldog Boys. George was there when Mickey shot the rival bootleggers. A boy witnessed it, turned around to run, so George did what he had to do. He beat the boy down with a hammer. The incident left a scar on George, and he had his wife Doris move in with her family in Boston, telling her that he would come within a year or two. George knows to be violent is to be human, but killing a boy is not the same.

Since then, with the help of Mickey, George has opened a speakeasy called the Middle-Knuckle Pub to begin making money on the side of crime away from such violence. George plans on moving to Boston, but has not told anyone, and is especially afraid of how Mickey might react. He knows he has to make quick money so that him and his wife can start a life there. That is why he wants to talk to Malcolm, he needs to take some risks and make some money.

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