Garnier's Workshop.jpg
Fictional location

Name: Garnier's Workshop

Category: Artisan's Workshop / Dwelling

Size: Two-story; app. 600 sq.ft. per floor

Condition: Well-maintained

Inhabitants: Richard Garnier; Gabrielle Garnier

Map Location: C1

Description (ca. 1921): Garnier's Workshop is both the workplace and dwelling of the talented prostheses mechanic Richard Garnier and his daughter Gabrielle. The ground floor is separated into two parts. The store front takes up about the front quarter of the floor and showcases Garnier's works. The back part of the floor consists of a consulting room to allow clients privacy while fittings are taking place, as well as the workshop, which takes up the majority of the floor (about 360 sq.ft.). The second floor is closed off from clients, and is the Garniers' home and office. The Workshop is frequently visited by both aristocrats and laborers alike, as both make up mostly equal parts of Garnier's clientele. It is known both for the immense skill of its owner and the kindness with which the Garniers treat clients from all walks of life. Clients of the Workshop can expect to have to make an appointment, as Garnier takes on a large amount of work. During these appointments, the client is taken into the consulting room, where their fittings are taken by Garnier or his daughter, and then they are given a quote and an estimated completion date. Many clients become regulars, coming in for routine maintenance a few times a year.