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Fictional location

Name: Garner's Gadgets

Category: Store, workshop

Size: Approx. two story building, 1 story shop + 1 story offices

Condition: Fair

Inhabitants: Ernest Garner, Nathan Garner

Map Location: C3

Description (ca. 1921): Garner's Gadgets is a small steam mechanic workshop, created in 1894 by Ernest Garner. Both Garner and his son Nathan work in the store to this day, crafting a general assortment of steam goods and services. The store was originally sold to Garner in poor condition, being all that he could afford to buy at the time, and had it's origins as a specialty sweet shop. Since then, Garner has done his best to restore it throughout the years, but the remodel process was slow initially, being mostly fixed with polished scrap metal and strategically placed plants. After Garner developed a positive reputation, more money went into the store's image, though it still bears the signs of age.

The interior is now a humble menagerie of wood and copper with brass accents along the borders. The window display shows various steam machines, most of which are designed simply to lure in customers with their flashing lights and twitches. Some objects are out for purchase, such as simple toys and bobbles, while others are display only, such as prosthetic limbs or automaton pieces. There are stairs leading to a couple "offices" where the Garners work, both of which have some clutter in piles on or around the desks. A further room is used for storage, holding half finished side projects or a mess of spare parts. These rooms are typically off-limits to customers, though some have been allowed to go to the offices if they have private business.

Many consumers have described the store as being "quaint" or "humble", though the tone of such comments differ depending on class. People of the middle and upper classes used to shop here in its heyday, but over the past decade business has declined somewhat due to the rise of newer techniques and more eager talent. Garner's Gadgets still makes enough to stay in business, mostly running from the support of loyal patrons.