Gabrielle Garnier.jpg
Perspective character

Name: Gabrielle Garnier
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian / French
Profession: Apprentice Prostheses Artisan
Home Location: Garnier's Workshop; C1
Memberships/Factions: I.A.G.; connections with New Steam Society, the General Labor Union, and Aristocrats
Relationships: Friends with Emily Ballard, acquainted with Brandon Westland and Scoot, dislikes Nathan Garner, and is closest with her father, Richard Garnier
Disposition: Generally gentle and calm, but gets very excited about her work
High concept: Aspiring master of prosthetic crafts

Special skills/abilities:
Prodigal Craftsperson: +3 Crafting
Caring Soul: +2 Empathy
Studied Craftsperson: +2 Academics - Steam-crafts
Sharp Eye: +1 Perception
Small Frame: +1 Hiding
Stubborn: +1 Willfulness

Notable flaws/weaknesses:
Pacifist: -2 Fighting
Honest: -1 Lying
Small Frame: -1 Strength

Basic appearance description (daily, avg): Gabrielle is small girl, short and thin. She has brown eyes and shoulder-length red hair that is almost always tied back. She usually wears her workshop clothes, and greatly dislikes dressing up.

Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Completing her projects for her father's workshop
Become as skilled an artisan as her father
Own her own prostheses workshop


Background (family, education, important life events)
Gabrielle was born in Rochester in 1902 to Richard and Sarah Garnier. She lived with them in a small apartment until 1904, when her father inherited his master's workshop and they moved into the space above it. Her mother died of pneumonia in 1905, leaving her father to raise her and manage his workshop on his own. As a result, she spent a significant amount of time with him in his workshop, and developed a strong interest in his work. When she was 12, her father began teaching her his trade, despite some disapproval from his colleagues. She proved skilled at the work, especially so once her father switched his focus to prostheses, and she left school to work with her father full-time at 15, after much persuading.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
Gabrielle works alongside her father, Richard Garnier, at his workshop. She is a talented prostheses engineer, having a Natural Affinity for the complex machinery that makes up the devices. She specializes in fingers, and her father usually lets her handle most of the work on them, as her small and dexterous fingers are better suited for the tiny parts involved than his larger digits. Gabrielle takes great joy in her work, and has very few close friends, though she is friendly with most of the regulars at the workshop. Newer male clients are often hesitant to let a girl fit them or work on their prostheses, but most come around after some amount of insisting from her father. Most clients quickly become friends with her, finding her conversation during the long and tedious process of a prosthetic fitting pleasant and distracting. Although some of the younger male clients have expressed interest, Gabrielle takes very little interest in romance, least of all with boys. She spends the majority of her time either working on her projects or maintaining her prized possession: the set of artisan's tools her father bought for her when she started working with him. Although Gabrielle goes along with her father to I.A.G. meetings, she pays little attention to them, and for the most part stays away from anything remotely political.

Following the Rochester Grand Steam Fair, fortune seemed to be smiling on Gabrielle. With the successful transfer of Archibald Regiblaster's brother into the newest Protean Machine, Gabrielle and the team were grew rapidly more notable within the steam community. The tragic, unexpected death of Nathan Garner not long after the fair brought the team a harsh reality check, but they persevered despite it. One year later, however, Gabrielle's father fell ill, and she left work of the Protean Machine project to return to the workshop to do the work her father was unable to.Seven years later came the passing of Gabrielle's father, and her official inheritance of his workshop. Despite finally realizing her dream of owning a workshop, Gabrielle found it impossible to take any joy in it for a long time after.
With the economic conditions of the late twenties, it was very difficult for Gabrielle to continue the charitable work of her father, and she soon ended up taking only wealthy clients in order to stay afloat. This only lasted for so long, however, and she had to sell the workshop for next to nothing in 1932, unable to afford operating any longer. Gabrielle spent the next eight years living with very little, rarely finding work that utilized her talents.
In 1940, Gabrielle's fortune changed again. With the onset of World War II, many returning soldiers sought after prosthetic work. Gabrielle was hired by a small workshop in Rochester, where she quickly rose to be a master craftsperson, and reestablished the Garnier name in the Rochester steam community. She would never own her own workshop again.