Portrait of Francesco

Fictional character

Name: Francesco D'Avici
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Italian
Profession: Baker
Location: Torta Signore

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics

Excellent Baker (his pies are divine)
Thick Italian Accent

Biography (ca. 1921)

Francesco was born in 1876 in the heart of Sicily. During his childhood, his parents taught him the craft of baking and he excelled in making pies. He and his family toured the island and crafted pies for all who would eat them. On his travels, he fell in love with the craft. Dough seemed to bend at his whim and his crust never faltered. It was rumored throughout Sicily that the Mozart of pies was among them, but in 1901 he packed up his belongings and moved to America. Some folks pointed towards the death of his parents a few months prior to his abrupt upheaval, but Francesco never told his reasons. After his parents died, he became distant with the folk around him. People could still see the passion pies inspired within him in his eyes, but he became more reserved in who he engaged with outside of pie transactions.

Upon arriving in America, he made his way through the northern states by selling his mouthwatering pies. He eventually made his way to Rochester, New York in the year 1904 where he settled and set up his own bake shop named Torta Signore. With his skill in the kitchen, he easily became the number one seller of pies in town.

In 1915, he came under scrutiny because ever since his arrival to Rochester, the pie thieving rate has increased by 8%. For two straight weeks he was under intense investigation by the local police, but they found no incriminating evidence. The police continue to have a weekly patrol that passes his store in an attempt to implicate him. Those loyal to him and his pies accuse the police of being racist towards his Italian heritage, but those who push for his interrogation question his ties to PIES. Regardless, he continues to make pies for those who enter his shop.

Image Credit: Chef's Bakery by ManualDanual