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Fictional location

Name: Falcone Deli

Category: Deli

Size: Small

Condition: Well kept

Inhabitants: Emilio Falcone

Map Location: C3

Description (ca. 1921): The Falcone Deli was founded by Emilio Falcone when he immigrated to America from Italy in the 1880's. It grew in popularity with the local Italian population. It relied on the local Italian population for it to say in business until reputation attracted other customers into the Deli. It was later used as a safe house for the Falcone Family mafia since it was owned and ran by Emilio Falcone. In 1920 it remained just a deli as to detach the business to the Falcone Family mafia. By 1921 it is a well known shop of the local neighborhood due to it being around for a long while.

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