Fictional location

Alley next to Falcone Deli
Category: [store/factory/school etc.]
Alley next to Restaurant
About the size of an average alley
Somewhat dirty, but cleaner than many alleys
Olan Ebert, and many other homeless people in tandem
Map Location:
Description (ca. 1921):
An alley found next to Falcone Deli, a neighborhood fixture/mob hideout. It isn't a particularly stand-out locale, but this humble space is where Olan Ebert lays his head many nights. He resides there partially out of desperation to find a place that serves food that will tolerate the homeless taking residency nearby, even though he has to deal with mob activity. Many others take residency in the alley for the same reason. They often swipe food from the dumpsters, and occasionally receive leftovers directly from the waitstaff in exchange for performing kitchen duties. While many residents are simply resigned to their lot in life, others remain optimistic. Few are stationary, and the majority are highly transient residents, shifting sleeping spots daily. The police used to commonly roust the alley dwellers, these days the Falcones' presence in the neighboring establishment keeps them away, yet another benefit of the location for the homeless population.