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Fictional Item

Name: Exploding Music Box

Category: Tool

Size/weight: 3 pounds 12"X6"

Rarity: Very Rare

Value: Determined by maker.

Uses: Sabotage, assassination, and secretive messages

Description (ca. 1921):

The Exploding Music Box was invented by Luigi Forzono as a way to transport illegal goods or messages subtly. The design of it is that if the music box is played normally at the end of the song it would explode. If the music box is played in reverse at the end of the song it would slide out a compartment near the handle and there would be either illegal goods or messages. This came to be when he found his music boxes were becoming known around town, he wanted to attract a new type of customer and invented this for them. It has helped his business thrive when laws became more strict.

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