Elliot-Boone.pngPerspective character
Name: Elliot Boone
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian, Irish-English descent
Profession: Undercover Vice Squad Detective
Home Location: Cherry Suites
Member of the Police force and Bulldog Boys; gained connections to various criminal organizations including bootleggers, the Falcone Family. He's actively working his way through the structure of the Bulldog Boys.
Disposition: Realistic, Blunt, Always looking for a fight, Reserved
High concept: Undercover Cop trying to survive in the Criminal Underworld
Special skills/abilities:
  • Perception +3
  • Brawler +2
  • Investigating +2
  • Lying +1
  • Strength +1
  • Intuiting +1

Notable flaws/weaknesses:
  • Recovering Alcoholic: Elliot used to rely on the bottle to cope. While he still struggles to keep sober, he's perpetually on the edge of falling back into drinking.
  • Prejudiced against "Steam people": While Elliot does understand the merits of steam-powered technologies, there's something about automatons.

Basic appearance description (daily, avg): Elliot is built large and intimidating, standing at a 6'5" and 206 lbs, most of which is muscle mass. With close-cut brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and the wounds of the day, he could scare almost anyone just by looking at them. Clothing wise, Elliot favors function over fashion. He wears clothes that makes him protects him from the weather and any other conditions he might find himself in such as a leather coat. He wears a gun holster so his piece is always in reach.

Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Gather information.
Infiltrate the Bulldog Boys.
Gain a lasting relationship.
Bring down the Rochester criminal underground.


Jacob Lewandowski: Met while the bootlegger was in Buffalo on a run, the two began to regularly work together on drives from Rochester and the Nickel City. While Elliot wouldn’t consider Jacob a friend, he knows he can trust Jacob when under fire. Ironically, Jacob is the person that Elliot has the most evidence against and would be one of the first that he could imprison.

Dino Nascoto: (Information Source)

George MacAuley: While they are both members of the Bulldog Boys, Elliot can't help but want to take the pub owner in. Since the undercover officer is the newest Bulldog Boys, he will work to gain George's trust and any evidence against him he can.

Brandon Westland: Elliot had found himself acquainted with the independent tinkerer due to Brandon's growing association with bootlegging. While Elliot is disturbed by Brandon's prosthetic arm, he wants to work to get the engineer off of the criminal path he is being set on. Elliot also uses his connection to the engineer to develop alternative weaponry so he can work non-lethally.


Background (family, education, important life events)
Elliot was born as Patrick Sullivan III, only child of Patrick Sullivan II and his wife Elizabeth. The lower-class family lived in Olcott, New York where his father worked as a factory worker and his mother stayed at home to take care of Elliot.

Following the death of his mother caused by an accident, Patrick II would fall into a depression and rely on heavy drinking to cope while Patrick III began to lash out. The boy would have numerous run-ins with law enforcement due to minor infractions. Patrick III would stop when one of the responding officers would take him aside and warn him about his future. He was told that if he was going to continue down that path that he was on, he would end up doing something that he would regret. Inspired by the officer’s words, Patrick III would work towards becoming an officer of the law.

Following the completion of his training, Patrick III would quietly move away from his father and join the Rochester Police Department. Much to his surprise, he would be placed in the newly formed vice squad. He would be given the name “Elliot Boone” and tasked to infiltrate and put a stop to Rochester bootlegging. He would go to Buffalo to build up his criminal status, due to a partnership between the police departments and Buffalo’s status as a stronghold for bootleggers.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
Currently, Elliot is working as part of the Bulldog Boys. Using the reputation and relationships that he built, Elliot was able to get into Rochester proper and start work against the bootlegging that plagues the city. No one in the city besides his police contact knows he’s a cop, due in large part to the time he spent crafting an identity for himself in Buffalo.

He finds himself rather uneased by the growth of the New Steam Movement. While he understands the progressive movement and appreciates what the technology that’s generated by it, he is unsettled by the push for making technology mimic life like automatons do. As such, he doesn’t trust the more eccentric members of the Independent Artisan Guild.

On April 15th, 1921, Elliot killed Donovan Murphy in self-defense. He would dump Donovan’s body, still wearing with the killer’s steam armor, into the Genesee River, keeping Donovan’s mask as a trophy. No one would ever find the body.

In the week to follow, a gunman sent by George MacAuley attempted to kill Elliot on Hill Street. While the Bulldog Boy did manage to shoot Elliot, it was non-lethal. Elliot escaped with his life. No longer safe in Rochester, he left both the city and his life as an undercover cop behind.

He would find his way west to Seattle, a city famous for their total rejection of steam power. Elliot, wanting no traces to his past, took the name of Samuel Thomson and found work as a longshoreman and, on the side, as an amateur boxer. He earned enough to live comfortably and was far away from his old life as a police officer. Elliot would meet Vanessa Samson, a nurse who took care of his wounds following an accident on the docks. They would have an on-again/off-again relationship.

Elliot’s newfound happiness would be plagued by thoughts of his failures in Rochester. Upon hearing news of the growth and success of both the Bulldog Boys and Falcone Family, Elliot would spiral into a deep depression. Unable to cope, he fell back into his alcoholism. This put a strain on his relationship with Vanessa. She would leave him, sending him further into depression.

A year later, Elliot would receive a letter from Vanessa telling him about their daughter. He quickly attempted to sober up, pushed by the want to be the father his never was. However, this plan would be cut short by the West Coast waterfront strike, a strike led by sailors and longshoremen. Elliot would find himself in the middle of “The Battle of Smith Cove”. He would be fatally shot by a police officer during the protests. He would die June 11th, 1934, having never met his daughter.

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