elephantastic.jpgFictional Item

Name: Elephantastic Gas Mask

Category: Protection

Size/weight: Lightweight; One size fits all

Rarity: Uncommon

Value: $45

The Elephantastic Gas Mask was developed as a tool to protect miners from noxious fumes and particulates from entering their respiratory system as well as protect their eyes. The ear attachments are designed to enhance audio for the wearer, namely to allow miners to hear others calling for them in case of emergency.

Description (ca. 1921):

Invented in 1916, the Elephantastic Gas Mask was designed with the coal miner in mind. When approached by a progressive mine owner who wanted to protect his workers, the creator worked to develop a gas mask that would filter out many of the particulates that ravaged the lungs of miners. The resulting filter was so fine that it could filter out noxious fumes. Audio enhancers were also added that would allow the miners to hear and find one another in case of emergency.

The Elephantastic Gas Mask would be so effective that the US government would purchase the mask in bulk and deploy it for their soldiers on the war-front. Many soldiers owed their lives to the mask. When the Spanish flu pandemic swept across America, many of these soldiers would convince their friends and loved ones to buy the mask to protect themselves from the disease. For those who could afford to buy it, the mask kept them safe from the epidemic By the end of the pandemic, America knew to buy Elephantastic so they too could “live as long as an elephant”.

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