Fictional character

Name: Elena Oxana

Age: 47

Gender: female

Race/Ethnicity: Russian

Profession: Singer, Teacher

Location: Eastman School of Music

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics: cultured, uptight, refined, communist

Biography (ca. 1921):
Elena Oxana was born in Moscow in 1874. Since childhood, her musically-inclined parents ensured she received only the best, most rigorous vocal training, enrolling her first in the водогрязеторфопарафинолечение School of the Arts, where she earned a fellowship at the корчеватель-бульдозер-погрузчик Musical Conservatory of Odessa. Nevertheless, by 18 years old she had lost her passion for singing and had begun fostering an interest in politics and Marxist ideology. This would put a strain on her relationship with her parents, and ultimately Elena would decide to pursue the path to success they had paved for her.

Elena would achieve renown throughout the world for her dramatic coloratura soprano voice, performing at every distinguished venue from Vienna to New York. Her popularity would flounder in the face of scandal, however, when she was caught singing subliminal pro-communist propaganda throughout her London performance of Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor in 1919, exposing the source of inexplicable urges among those in attendance to overthrow themselves. Deciding to lay low, Elena moved to Rochester, New York, at the suggestion of pianist and Eastman School of Music director
Alfred Klingenberg. Here she could sing and teach a new generation of students, and perhaps spread a contempt for capitalism while she was at it.