Fictional character

Name: Elaine Ripley
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: White
Profession: RAMI student of lunchroom cookery/management
Location: Tawny Hills Apartments (home), Public Market (shopping/volunteering/studying), RAMI (student)

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:
A stout woman of average height with apricot-colored skin, redish-brown hair, and brown eyes. Her shoulder-length, wavy hair is worn down and her wardrobe consists almost entirely of full length dresses and a coat. Her favorite shades are blues and greens, and her favorite dress is a plain, cornflower blue dress given to her by her first boyfriend (now ex).
She is an excellent cook, able to create something splendid from the barest of ingredients, and wishes to run her own restaurant after graduating RAMI. She is too kind though, and often ends up taking orders trying to be as helpful as she can rather than asserting herself.

Biography (ca. 1921):
Elaine Ripley was born in Rochester, but had little memories of it because at age 5 her family moved to Fairport, New York. Elaine though was truly a child of the city, and returned to Rochester to work at age 14. Her parents remained in the suburbs, but stayed in touch and would try to visit her each weekend. In addition, Elaine had kept in touch with Arthur and Charlene Burns, her aunt's ex-husband and cousin. In late 1916, she invited the struggling family to Rochester and became friends with Charlene. That same year, she began to attend RAMI for lunchroom cookery and management. While her parents were supportive of her ventures, the two Burns were even more so, as she would often come over to prepare food for them.
When Arthur Burns died in an accident, Elaine moved in to Charlene's apartment in the Tawny Hills Apartments to assist her. Now, Elaine continues her final semester at RAMI and is looking for jobs to gain more experience on running a restaurant.