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Historical Location

Name: Eastman School of Music

Category: School

Size: Huge

Condition: Brand New

Students, Faculty

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Description (ca. 1921):

The George Eastman School of Music was established by George Eastman who is also the founder of the Eastman Kodak Company as a well known philanthropist. The Eastman School is a school within the University of Rochester that was established in 1921. Eastman had been planning to build the school for a few years as he was interested in very much so interested in music. The school grounds were bought by George Eastman and the buildings in place were torn down for the one that was to be built. The school itself was meant to help promote, develop, and create musical talents that would enrich the local community as well as the world. When the school opened in the fall of 1921, they had a total of 104 full-time students. The Eastman school also was built to have an auditorium which allowed the students to showcase their talent as well as an opportunity for the community to experience music live. The auditorium wasn’t open the same time that the school opened and finally opened in the fall of 1922.