Fictional character

Name: Dr. Jerome Belanger

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: German

Profession: Head Tinkerer

Location:Rochester, NY

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics: Braggart, charismatic, completely useless, idiot

Biography (ca. 1921):
Excerpts from The Biography of Dr. Jerome Belanger: The Coinasseur of Steampunk Technology, Dictation by K. Kroker
Prologue: "I am the man with no name. Dr. Jerome Belanger at your service. The world was graced with exis-tance in 1886, one cool 15th of November night. Born to the mother and father of myself, I grew up young and suave in the heart of Rochester - well, maybe the lungs. You're writing all this down, right Kroker, just like I said?"

Chapter 4, Rock Paper Scissors: "... It was like hitting a bullseye. If we got bingo, the rest of the dominoes would fall like a house of cards. T. Edgar Twombly was impressed with my designs for my Dr. Jerome Belanger's Fantastic Firefighting Automatons. It was the first step in my master plan. Now, like all great plans, it was so simple an idiot could have devised it."

Chapter 6, Captian's Log: ".. but they still refused to name me captain. But that would never stop me. With the money from Twombly, I was able to hire two teams to create my firefighting automatons for me. All I needed to do was pit them against each other, and take the design from the winning team! Bingo."