Fictional Item

Name: Dr. Jerome Belanger's Fantastic Firefighting Automaton

Category: Automaton

Size/weight: Size of a person, 450lbs

Rarity: Rare. Only one fire department in Roc has them.

Value: Expensive, "top of the line"

Uses: Fights fires

Description (ca. 1921):
Based on the designs of Dr. Jerome Belanger and prototyped with the funding from T. Edgar Twombly, the Dr. Jerome Belanger's Fantastic Firefighting Automaton is the leading device in automated firefighting services. The Dr. Jerome Belanger's Fantastic Firefighting Automaton, or DJBFFA for short, is the first of its kind in use in Rochester and advertises itself as an invaluable tool for the heroes behind the hose. Using state of the art film processing created by Kodak the DJBDDA detects fires and approaches without the fear of fallibility of a human. Each DJBFFA is hooked to a hose that leads back to the firetruck, with a nozzle extending from the right arm it sprays water to put out fires. Its left arm is most typically sporting a fireman's ax - if the DJBFFA cannot extinguish a fire from outside, it uses the ax to cut its way inside and begin the firefighting from within.
Despite the incredible technology and advertised ease of use, the DJBFFA is prone to failure and almost as often causes the explosions or fires it is supposed to be combating.