Fictional location
Name: Dowling Warehouse
Category: Warehouse & Illegal Distillation site
Size: Large
Condition: Poor, but functional
Inhabitants: Harry Dowling spends many nights and days here
Map Location: D3

Description (ca. 1921):

It is supposedly just a warehouse, but it actually stores most of the alcohol of the Bulldog Boys before it is picked up and distributed. It generally always has shipments of stolen industrial alcohol, as well as grain alcohol from farmers (dropped off by Wayne O'Rorke). It is also where the industrial alcohol is distilled multiple times to refine it into a more drinkable form.

It is an old warehouse, with peeling paint and a draft. But, the draft does mean that the warehouse has decent ventilation. It is one floor, and that whole floor is filled with boxes and crates of junk, spare parts, and sometimes items the members of the Bulldog Boys are keeping there. On the side of one of the crates there is a secret door that opens up and a ladder leads down into a small basement that houses the distillery. There is a pipe that leads to the Erie Canal to dispose of the unwanted methanol and other harmful chemicals.

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