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Perspective character

Name: Dino Nascoto (Deen)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: Italian

Profession: Journalist / Informant

Home Location: Apartment near Informants Office in F3.

Memberships/Factions: Media [Devoted Member], Secret Society( Brokers ) [Active member],
General Labor Union [Acquainted with members]

Joseph King: (Acquaintance)
One of Archibald's workers, who Dino often goes to to see the conditions of the labor union, as well as him as a worker personally. The two aren't particularly close and Dino often worries about if Joseph secretly hates him, but this doesn't completely stop him from interacting with him and other workers. Dino has been keeping an eye on Joseph as of late due to suspicious behaviors he had noticed as of late.

Archibald Regiblaster: (Acquaintance - informant)
An aristocrat who owns a factory which Dino often frequents for the Informant, but also a man who Dino is personally associated with due to Arthur connecting the two for Dino to gain experience as a broker. Dino doesn't particularly like Archibald, however he does like where Archibald's tasks take him.

Riccardo Nascoto: (Cousin)
Dino's cousin who he greatly admires, however is also wary around due to his involvement in the Brokers. The two are basically brothers at this point but the gap between them has slowly been opening since Riccardo moved away and further since Dino's induction. Riccardo is still constantly looking out for Dino as best as he can.

Charlie Burns: (Close Acquaintance)

Arthur Bell : (Mentor)
Dino's Mentor in the Brokers and the man who forced him into the organization. He serves as a parallel to Riccardo for Dino, who respects both of them for being what he isn't. Though he fears Arthur more than most of the city because of the fact that there's never anything that surprises him and he seems to know Dino's every move before he can even finish thinking it.

A nervous and tense young man who seems terrified of his own shadow.

High concept:
A caring but cowardly info-phile who prefers to keep to himself, but is prone to flights of excitement when learning new things; which often puts him in even more confusing situations

Special skills/abilities:
  1. Stealth/Hiding (+3)
  2. Perception/Awareness (+2) Contacts/Connections (+2)
  3. Investigating/Researching (+1) Empathy/Caring/Intuiting (+1) Manipulation/Persuasion (+1)

Notable flaws/weaknesses:
Aside from being a consistent nervous wreck, Dino has trouble socializing with most people, which often hinders him on the job. Though some take the time to interact with him due to him coming off as a relatively nonthreatening character, most people cannot stand his timid nature.

Though good at keeping himself out of sight, Dino is not very athletic, making it rather difficult to track people or flee from pursuers.

Dino's immense curiosity can often lead him to forgetting about the dangers that come with it, and will chase after it without paying much attention to the rest of the world around him.

Basic appearance description (daily, avg):
Dino is a fairly short man, standing at roughly 5'3. He is slightly darker than average for an Italian and has short. messy brown hair, which he usually has covered by a hat. He has a notable scar across his nose from getting caught spying once when he was in his teens. Also notable are the wrinkles he has for his age, from constant panicking and stress. This has also formed a few streaks of gray throughout his hair; formed mainly in the center.

He generally wears loose fitting common clothing, that he prefers since it allows him to move around easier. He can always be seen wearing a black newsboy hat, which he received from his cousin Riccardo when he started working for the Informant with him.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Keep his involvement in
the brokers a secret.
Find out as much as he
can about what's happening
in Rochester.
Make enough money from his
two occupations to be able to
comfortably settle down one
day and have a family.

Find the Prophet if he's still alive.
Admiring his cousin Riccardo, as well as
the stories of the Prophet, Dino is torn
between a comfortable future, continuing
along with the newspaper company like his cousin,
and keeping his life as a broker, attempting to become
like the prophet.


Background (family, education, important life events)

Born in a small town in Italy, in 1897 to a factory worker and librarian, Dino was brought up in a working class family. Since his mother, Annalisa, was a librarian Dino grew up with a love of books and learning new things. This also left him rather isolated from others, as he felt more comfortable with his face in a book than interacting with others. In his early life this behavior continued, except for interactions with his cousin Riccardo, 6 years his senior. Unlike Dino, Riccardo was adventurous and hungry to learn more from the world around him, and would often bring Dino (Deen as he would call him) along on his escapades. Most involved exploring new sections of the town to them or sneaking away to visit the town over. Dino often worried about the two of them getting caught, but was always caught up into Riccardo's pace.

After some odd years of this, the two had grown used to keeping their eyes out and ears to the wall for any and everything new to them. However, this had become a bit more of an addiction to Dino. Having exhausted most of the library, he had grown used to replacing his love of books with a love of finding out all he could about the world around him. He would often switch completely from his more docile and timid nature to an excited mess, now leading Riccardo around by the nose, since Riccardo now felt responsible for him.

After some years, Riccardo's part of the family had gone to america in search of better work. Leaving Dino to himself, he often got himself in more trouble for his endless curiosity, which lead to more than a few beatings from those who caught him, and once a deep cut across his face when he had caught a man cheating on his wife one night.

Dino's father was killed a year later during a factory accident leaving Dino and his mother to fend for themselves. After about 2 years of falling further into poverty, they had received a letter from Riccardo, offering for them to stay with him and his family in America, along with promise of a job that would fit Dino perfectly. After a year of saving, along with money sent from Riccardo, they relocated to Rochester.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
After relocating, Dino began work at the Informant, where Riccardo was an editor. For the last two years Dino had been working as an assistant and eventually a journalist, though the nature of the work proved rather difficult when it involved interviewing others.

A year ago he became involved with a certain organization, The Brokers, after tailing a strange man who he saw leaving an incident that occurred between the Falcones and another family. This inevitably lead to him finding one of the groups bases hidden around the city, where he was quickly caught. The group was fully prepared to remove him so that they wouldn't be discovered, however Arthur Bell, one of the upper members of the organization, took note of Dino's talent. Since he was able to tail one of their members without being caught until then, Arthur was thoroughly impressed, by his ability to hide and strong desire to track the truth, and gave him a choice at a knife's edge. Join us or Die.

Reluctant at first, Dino was very wary about actually following the group's debatable actions. Dino quickly grew accustomed to his line of work and became more and more immersed in his work, which eventually led to him becoming Bell's apprentice. This line of work has also put him in contact with various aristocrats and important background players in the city.