Fictional Item

Name: Der Dampfsoldat

Category: [tool/book/utensil/etc.] weapon

Size/weight: 7 ft tall, 600 lbs

Rarity: almost impossible to find

Value: ~$5000

Uses: War

Description (ca. 1921):

During the Great War, Germany was down on its luck, and realized it had to rethink its strategy. Germany's best steam engineers and tinkerers found an effective way to avoid losing more soldiers: they re-purposed a number of servant automatons, originally used for mining coal in dangerous environments, to charge into battle. Some would carry explosives while others would clumsily fire weapons set on a timer. Eventually, with enough resources, these automatons were tweaked and refined to become more effective weapons of war. While the final models were extremely difficult to kill, they were also expensive to produce and transport, and German reliance on this unsustainable system was a factor in the country's loss.