soundproof-wall.jpgFictional Item

Name: Deploy-able Soundproof Room

Category: Tool

Size/weight: 3lb

Rarity: Rare

Value: $400

Uses: Quickly create a soundproof room for various purposes.

Description (ca. 1921):

Originally invented as a side project by Robert LeFever as separate, easy to apply walls for innovators and inventors to use in their workshops with no need for home renovation, the Deploy-able Soundproof Room (DRS) was a extension of the invention created by Brandon Westland at the order of Father Gregory Sauer. The original technology was made in order to solve one of the many problems suffered by the process of creation. Noise complaints. However, the material required was well outside the budget of most hobbyists. In addition, businesses and establishments who could benefit from the invention were in areas where such problems that could be solved by soundproofing were of no worry. As such the invention was forgotten by LeFever, was only brought to Westland's attention due to Sauer's knowledge of it. As such, alongside the walls themselves which are held in small cylindrical tubes, the Room variant is held within a box about 6x6 inches wide and tall, and upon removal expands by way of inner air pockets which can be emptied for later storage. The purpose of the Room variant can only be guessed at, but with Sauer's connections to the criminal underground, the idea of a on-the-fly room which no sound can escape from is a lucrative one to be sure.