Headlines from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

* 01/05/21 "Technology Unveiling Postponed Due to Protests, Malfunctions" pg 2

Recent events overshadowed an event at the Mechanics Institute yesterday, where researchers and benefactors planned to unveil a new technology that they say has the potential to dramatically increase the output of energy available to the City while decreasing cost and poisonous byproducts. The small presentation, attended by philanthropist and New Steam Society donor William Tenerly, was disrupted by protesters speaking out against the rise of steam technologies amid the recent spate of explosions that have rocked Rochester to its core. Police scuffled with protestors and made several arrests. The affair ended not with a bang but a whimper as technicians later reported that possible malfunctions would postpone the unveiling. No new date was announced.


Rochester begins the New Year as a city under siege as the city suffered its second deadly explosion in a matter of days, this time at the Mechanics Institute. Professors and students were proudly unveiling their new compressed steam canister, an innovation that would greatly enhance the capacity of steam-powered vehicles and contraption, when an explosion ripped through the crowd. Dozens were injured and rushed to Rochester General Hospital with the death toll confirmed at four and still being counted at press time. The innovation's creator, Professor Joseph Boyd, was one of those killed in the incident. Unlike the New Year's Eve bombing, the cause of which is still being investigated, City Hall referred to this tragedy as an attack on the good people of Rochester by lawless anarchists. Mayor Aldridge was again quick to condemn his political opponents George Greene and other Progressives for the moral decay that gripped the city. Mayor Aldridge vowed to eradicate the socialist element from the city and cease the production of all steam devices in an effort to regain control over the city.

* 12/31/20 "EXPLOSION ROCKS ROCHESTER" front page, late edition

An underground explosion near the intersection of Child and Lime rocked Rochester this afternoon, wounding dozens and resulted in three confirmed deaths. Victims of the blast, which occurred at approximately 1:20 in the afternoon, were rushed to Rochester General Hospital. Early reports suggest that the tragedy was linked to a hydraulic platform malfunction at the Lyell RTPS station. Caught in the blast was local aristocrat Archibald Regiblaster, founder and owner of Archibald’s Prosthetics. He was rushed to the Park Avenue Hospital after sustaining major burns and abrasions to his body. The locals who were interviewed are questioning if Archibald will be fit enough to continue managing his factory and if this is a sign that he is unfit as the head of a factory altogether.

Police have not ruled out foul play. Mayor Aldridge promised a thorough investigation and was quick to place blame on Progressive rival George Greene's "New Steam Society" for the accident, stating that the City's reckless expansion could cost more Rochester lives. Aldridge was quoted as saying...

* 12/26/20 "No Joy for Yuletide Demonstrators" pg 8

A Christmas Day demonstration by Rochester Pneumatic Tube Station workers fell on deaf ears Christmas afternoon as they complained about being forced into working long hours over the holiday season. What organizers claimed would be a rally of hundreds turned out to be no more than a handful as they pressed for time off and better wages. City Hall could not be reached for comment.

* 12/23/20 - "Rochester Mourns Officers, Three Feared Dead" pg 5

The Advent Christian Church held a vigil last night for three unnamed Rochester police officers who have been missing for more than a week and are now presumed to be dead. Three officers, whose names City Hall has not yet released, were patrolling an area rumored to be rife with bootlegging activity when a bout of gunplay erupted, witnesses on the scene reported. Two officers appeared to be wounded and the third possibly killed in the deadly altercation. Eye witnesses claim the officers were forced into a black Ford Model T, which then sped off into the night. City Hall could not be reached for comment.

* Archive: 9/19/17 - "Sole Survivor of Seneca Park RPTS Accident" front page, left column

Recent events in one of Rochester's most well known parks has quickly become known as the Seneca Park Tragedy. Late last night the emergency services were in high demand all across Rochester. Beginning the night careening through the streets putting an end to a dangerous and illegal street race only to rush across Rochester to the scene of the accident in Seneca Park.

Twenty three people traveling northbound toward the Seneca Park RPTS stop died tragically in the worst mass transit accident to date. Only one survived last night's crash and is in critical condition at Rochester General Hospital. The emergency responders were awe-struck saying "... this man, whoever he may be, is lucky to be even remotely close to life. Based on the speed and severity of the crash no-one else could have hoped to make it out. We will be lucky if we can even identify those that we could scrape out of the wreckage."

The ongoing police investigation came up with only one explanation for the accident thus far. They stated that the accident was caused by some unknown object jarring the tube causing a back up in pressure at a weak junction. This forcibly jettisoned the shuttle out of the tube and into the park causing the tragedy in Seneca Park. We will have more on this story as it progresses. Until then, our hearts go out to the families of the victims.