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Name: Curtiss JN-4

Category: Transportation medium


Length: 27 ft 4 in
Wingspan: 43 ft 7¾ in
Height: 9 ft 10½ in

Weight: 1,390 lb

Donald, David, ed. The Encyclopedia of World Aircraft. London: Aerospace Publishing, 1997. ISBN 1-85605-375-X.

Rarity: Relatively common

Value: About $5,500

Description (ca. 1921): The Curtiss JN-4 is a signature American airplane. The JN series, or "Jenny" series, of airplanes were first created in 1915 by the Curtiss Aeorplane Company. Originally, the "Jenny" planes were used for military training planes. Postwar, thousands of surplus Jennys were sold at low prices to private owners, and helped usher in an era of civil aviation. In fact, Earl F. Beers piloted a Curtiss JN-4 on the Rochester Aircraft Corporations first passenger flight.