curiepapers.pngictional Item

Name: The Curie Papers

Category: document

Size/weight: ~11 in x ~8 in, ~0.5 lb

Rarity: one instance in the world

Value: priceless

Uses: deriving specific information concerning the creation of atomic power and weaponry.

Description (ca. 1921):

In 1913, Marie Curie created the first blueprints for two devices: a nuclear reactor and a nuclear bomb. Though she attempted to protect the information the blueprints withheld, in 1919 she gave in and shared knowledge of her discoveries with the scientific community. The enigma of the Curie papers became an international debate, along with the question of whether or not the discoveries would be of any use beyond a theoretical context. More specifically, students at RAMI wondered if the nuclear reactor could somehow be used to derive steam power to help sustain the growing technological community of Rochester.