100_0772.jpgFictional Item

Name: Compressed Steam Canister

Category: Machinery part

Size/weight: ~24" x 6", cylidrical; 12 pounds, 16 pounds when full.

Rarity: Just released; very rare but with rising commonality.

Value: $10 per canister, $0.50 per fill.

Uses: Powering steam mechanisms in a mobile fashion, occasionally a melee weapon.

Description (ca. 1921): A large cylindrical canister, built from layered steel, a singular valve juts out from one end. It's been designed to contain incredible amounts of pressure, innovated locally at the Mechanical Institute. Fed from any common steam compressor, the canister can then be moved to any device and used as a power source for a moderate amount of time. At the moment, M.I.'s recommended guidelines are like this:

- Eight hours of supply for an automaton of a singular operation.
- Five hours of supply for an automaton of multiple operations.
- Ten hours of supply for a steam-powered bicycle.

Currently, few operators or owners of steam technology around Rochester have had the time to get their hands on the product, so its reception among the public is so far unknown.