Fictional location

Name: Cloud District

Category: Underground Borough

Size: Small

Condition: Excellent


Map Location: D4, North of the RPTS Monroe Station

Description (ca. 1921): Relatively new to Rochester's underground, the Cloud District was built beneath already some of the city's most wealthy real estate. To a select few of the upper class, the novelty of living underground – away from all the pollution, smoke, smells, and noise – is enough to lure them from their traditional estates. This applies especially to those in Rochester who've recently come into large sums of money, often due to the economic boom the city has been experiencing. As such, to prove their wealth and gravitas, they have built large manors and residences beneath the 12th Ward, hiring whole crews to deepen the caverns to make room for their multi-storied houses. In total, there may be no more than a score of residences, but they are supported by an equal number of buildings for entertainment and socializing.

To some of parts of the city's citizenry, the neighborhood only embodies the arrogance and delirium of Rochester's elite, while others are beginning to question the more realistic stability of the borough, and the areas above it. Regardless, for now the borough thrives.