Cherry Suites Exterior

Fictional location
Name: Cherry Suites
Category: Hotel
Size: Medium, 3 stories
Condition: Fair; some nicely decorated rooms, others run down
Inhabitants: Miss Cherry, Calvin Hodgkins, Elliot Boone
Map Location: F1

Description (ca. 1921)

Despite only being in operation for a few short years, the illustrious Cherry Suites hotel has established itself as one of the hottest locations in Rochester, or at least one of the most controversial. Some exalt the hotel as the finest establishment around, while others decry it as a den of debauchery and sin.

Cherry Suites was founded by Miss Cherry after refurbishing an old, rundown building. Business was slow to start, but word quickly circulated that Cherry Suites offered more than just a bed to sleep in. Cherry Suites caters to a wide array of pleasures and indulgences and guests can always get what they come for.

Cherry Suites Interior. Clothing optional.

The building is three stories tall, with each floor serving a different purpose. The first story contains the reception area, as well as some back rooms where guests can indulge in an assortment of substances to set their minds at ease or transport them to new realities. The second story houses the rooms, where guests can rest their weary heads, or request some companionship for a modest sum. The third story contains more rooms, though it is little more than a dingy attic. However, the third story contains several hidden rooms, so if a guest were looking for a place where they would not be found, the third story of Cherry Suites is the place for them. Miss Cherry has also been know to offer rooms on the third story for almost no cost in exchange for a favor or two.

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