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Historical Item

Name: Check Protector

Category: Tool

Size/weight: About the size of a 6-8 inch cube, 10-15 lbs

Rarity: Commonly found in banks

Value: $35


A check protector is a physical device for protecting a check from unauthorized alteration of either the amount or the authorizing signature.

Devices of this type that use various technologies are also known as check writers, check punches, and check perforators. A check punch punches holes in the shapes of numerals. A check perforator punches small round holes that form numerals.

A check writer, or ribbon writer, leaves a numerical or written value impression in the payment amount field of a check that is very difficult to alter. This is accomplished by the machine applying downward force on the check and leaving very small inked shreds in the paper.
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Description (ca. 1921):

A mechanical check protector had a metal or wooden frame. It had a dial on top to select the number to me printed pr punches and a lever on its side to apply the impression on a check.
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